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Building Operators

Nantum Core

Manage Your Building in Real-Time

Nantum OS is the smartest way for building operators and engineers to manage their buildings. Connect existing building systems. Connect future building systems. See all your data in one place. Get real-time alerts on the health of your building and tenants.



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Building Operators & Engineers looking to reduce energy, reduce costs, and improve tenant comfort.


Real-Time Situational Awareness

One Building Dashboard

The Nantum OS Building Cockpit is a single customizable dashboard that allows building operators to see their BMS automation, building alerts, occupancy data, and electric demand management all in a single pane of glass.

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Building Anomaly Detection

Integrate Nantum OS with your building’s BMS, utilities meters, fire alarm, elevator, access control, and IoT sensors. We use machine learning to predict and alert operators before peak demand, operational drifts, and potential floods.

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Tenant Experience Alerts

Integrate Nantum OS with your building’s BMS, thermostats, access control, occupancy sensors, air quality sensors, and tenant engagement app for real-time tenant comfort alerts. Maximize your tenant’s experience and retention.

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Custom Alert Creation

Integrate all your building data with Nantum OS to create and manage over 1,000 different types of potential alerts, benchmarks, and KPIs. From electric, water, steam, and temperature anomalies, to electric consumption benchmarking.

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Cost & Energy Savings Automation

Real-Time Savings Calculator

Nantum OS uses A.I. and industry accepted (M&V) protocols to calculate real-time energy savings from connected BMS, HVAC, utility meter systems, and automatic capture of localized utility tariffs and invoiced utility rates, otherwise know as Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs).

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Deep Learning ECMs

Calculated startup, mid-day, and end of day algorithms dynamically analyze historical utility performance, predictive occupancy, interior temp., and weather to identify (or automate) the most cost efficient building ramp times, while maximizing tenant comfort.

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Peak Demand Management

Nantum OS uses machine learning to provide predictive and actionable insights on real-time utility data for the building operator/engineer. We alert operators when buildings are reaching peak demand and allow operators to take action during demand response, reducing operational costs..

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Building Anomaly Detection

Nantum OS uses machine learning to alert operators and engineers of BMS anomalies, operational drifts, potential electric malfunctions, leaks, and floods to help predict and reduce operational and capital expenses.

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Tenant Management


Send Building Push Notifications

Property managers, security teams, and workplace admins can create, manage, and send custom messages to tenants.

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Guest Management

Our guest management platform in Nantum OS allows lobby front desk employees to review and accept scheduled visitors.

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Create Building Events

Create custom events for your building, from celebration parties, event activations, to maintenance downtime notifications.

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Manage Service Requests

Increase your team efficiency, reduce customer support times, and see all your tenant maintenance requests in a single dashboard.

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