Rudin Sandbox


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The Rudin Sandbox

Real-World Test Environment

Rudin Management controls one of the largest privately owned real estate companies in New York City.

Founded in 1925 by Samuel Rudin and his siblings, and now led by the third and fourth generations, Rudin Management Company oversees the daily operations of 36 properties in New York City. The portfolio is comprised of 18 residential buildings totaling 4.7 million square feet, 16 commercial office buildings totaling 10.2 million square feet, and 2 condominiums under management totaling 241 residential units.

Although Prescriptive Data was originally created by the operation and information technology teams at Rudin Management, today Rudin has become a strategic partner and client using Nantum OS to optimize their portfolio. Rudin allows Prescriptive Data to test new features, IoT devices , sensors, and machine learning algorithms within their portfolio. This unique testing ground allows the Prescriptive Data team to test new ideas, analyze potential savings, and roll out these new features to our other customers.

The Rudin Real-World Testing Environment


BMS Optimization

Our artificial intelligence team tests new automation algorithms to optimize BMS and performance, create optimal startup times, and predictive anomaly detection.

Utilities Cost Reduction

Our team test new submetering devices for more accurate building and tenant data, and machine learning algorithms to reduce utilities costs.

Tenant Comfort

Our team test occupancy sensors, access control, interior temp. sensors, thermostats, VFDs, air quality sensors, CO2 sensors and more to control and optimize tenant comfort.

Carbon Emission Reduction

Our artificial intelligence team tests new ways to measure, benchmark, and reduce carbon emissions (greenhouse gases) in real-time using machine learning.


Occupancy Tracking

Our partnerships and AI teams test new IoT devices and machine learning algorithms that focus on improving tenant safety, comfort, and space utilization in real-time.

Fault Detection & Diagnostics

Our artificial intelligence team tests new ways of predicting hardware malfunctions, operational drift anomalies, electrical failures, and potential floods.

IoT Device Testing

Our partnerships team spends all day installing and testing the latest in PropTech IoT devices so we can partner with and provide our clients with the best solutions.

Cyber Security

Our engineering team test new ways to make building cyber security even stronger, from integration security analysis, IoT device security analysis, and more.