What is Nantum?

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Nantum OS

The World’s Most Advanced Building Operating System

VERSION 5.1 - Winter 2019

Nantum OS unlocks correlated trends and analyzes data from disparate building systems (including BMS, utility & power quality meters, and access control) and combines this with data from third-party sources (such as weather, occupancy, and IoT sensors) to prescribe operational adjustments in real-time that improve building performance and tenant comfort.


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No More Siloed Building Data

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Nantum OS future proofs your buildings and portfolio. Connect to your existing building technologies (BMS, HVAC, utility meters, fire alarm, elevator, access control) and all of your future building technologies (occupancy sensors, thermostats, air quality monitors, IoT sensors), bring all your building data into a single dashboard.

Simple cost effective installation process. Nantum OS leverages existing building technologies and open communication protocols to avoid costly upfront retrofit and capital expenses. This means, we use software to integrate directly into your existing building systems, no need to rip and replace your current infrastructure.

Real-Time Dashboards

A single integrated platform for all building stakeholders.

Portfolio View

  • View your entire portfolio performance from a single dashboard

  • Easily navigate between your buildings and their existing data streams with one use login

  • Real-time occupancy traffic patterns

  • Customize your portfolio view with KPIs that matter to you (BMS performance, Utility performance, Tenant Comfort…)

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Building Cockpit

  • Primary view for building operator/engineer

  • View major building systems and operational KPIs, normalized within the Nantum environment

  • Operational Drifts notify operators of deviations from the usual operational patterns

  • Updated dynamically and in real-time, empowering your building operators and asset manager to make the right decisions on the spot

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Real-Time Digital Twin

  • Launching in 2020

  • We create a 3D model of your entire building, allowing you to drill down to each floor at the click of a button

  • See building occupancy and tenant comfort floor by floor in real-time

  • Live notifications bar on the left side of the app - view your entire building and floor by floor events in real-time

  • Real-time cost & energy savings

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Real-Time Floorplan

  • Launching in 2020

  • Using the Digital Twin, you can click into each floor to see real-time operations

  • Visualize real-time occupancy to develop better space optimization strategies

  • Customize and visualize real-time interior space temperature, electric consumption, and water consumption to help improve tenant experience

  • Live notifications bar on the left side of the app - view your floor by floor events in real-time

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Cost & Energy Savings Automation

Nantum OS uses neural networks and machine learning to understand your building’s performance history, predict occupancy patterns and performance needs, and optimize HVAC controls in real-time, to reduce costs and increase tenant comfort

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Savings Calculator

  • Nantum OS uses machine learning and industry accepted (M&V) protocols to calculate energy savings from connected BMS, HVAC, and utility meter systems, otherwise know as Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs)

  • Compare performance against similar, weather-normalized, Nantum normalized (w/ occupancy), and unnormalized days with user configured baseline date ranges

  • Automatic capture of localized utility tariffs and invoiced utility rates to accurately display dollar savings

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Deep Learning ECMs: Startup, Mid-Day, Final

  • Our deep learning algorithm analyzes occupancy data and hundreds of data points to dynamically predict optimal HVAC set points adjustments using multiple data streams

  • Calculated startup, mid-day, and end of day algorithms dynamically analyze historical utility performance, predictive occupancy, interior temp., and weather to identify (or automate) the most cost efficient building ramp times, while maximizing tenant comfort

  • Benchmark utility curves automatically overlay optimal energy performance on top of real-time demand and consumption

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Peak Demand Management

  • Nantum OS uses machine learning to provide predictive and actionable insights on real-time utility data for the building operator / engineer

  • Provides a 5-day prediction of the building’s peak demand, empowering operators to anticipate and proactively manage costly peak demand charges

  • Visually track the current billing period’s peak and course correct in real-time as needed

  • Nantum OS constantly updates its 5-day peak demand forecast to provide the most up-to-date predictions

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Building Anomaly Detection

  • Create custom benchmark thresholds and alerts that meet your strategic goals that are shared through app notifications, email, or SMS texting

  • We analyze whole building data (BMS, utility meters, and third-party sensors) to highlight hardware malfunctions, sensor performance, and unnecessary capital costs.

  • Preventive maintenance prediction alerts (flood warnings, electrical malfunctions…)

  • Tenant comfort anomalies (occupancy, comfort index, interior temperature, and air quality)

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Tenant Experience

Nantum OS offers a complete tenant experience platform, focused on ensuring tenant comfort in real-time.


  • Integrate with existing access management systems or 3rd-party IoT occupancy sensors

  • Real-time, floor by floor, occupancy data

  • Occupancy pattern recognition

  • Floor by floor occupancy anomaly detection

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Interior Temperature

  • Accurate floor by floor real-time interior space and perimeter space temperature

  • Accurate floor by floor thermostat control

  • Accurate floor by floor temperature anomaly detection

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Air Quality

  • Floor by floor real-time CO2 analysis

  • CO2 benchmarks alerts, keeping your building up to code

  • Floor by floor real-time air quality analysis (VOC particles in air)

  • CO2, humidity, and other air quality anomaly detection

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Easy & Accurate Submetering & Billing

  • Automated utility bill and rate data ingestion

  • Upload tenant charges to 3rd-party financial system (ERP)

  • Auto-generation of tenant submeter bills using accurate billing rates integrated submeter consumption data for utilities

  • Machine learning algorithm used for submeter bill reconciliation and carbon emission calculation

  • Provide recommendations and insights for tenant carbon emission reduction

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Integrated Tenant Engagement App

  • Customize your building or workplace tenant app with your brand and logo

  • Integrate app with your access control systems, so tenants can easily enter your buildings

  • Notify tenants of important building announcements through mobile push notifications

  • Tenants can manage guests, packages, service requests, room bookings, and other amenities

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Real-Time Situational Awareness

Nantum OS constantly monitors all integrated points and notifies of data anomalies, improving building operators’ situational awareness and empowering operators to be as proactive as possible.

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Custom Alert Creation

  • Create custom alerts for any building data type or even a specific sensor

  • Set custom alert thresholds based on time, day of the week, and several other factors

  • Set alert severity to “warning” or “critical”

  • Use “Open Alerts” to notify team members via email, SMS or app notifications

  • View all past alert history and team member comments

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Electric Health & Demand Response

  • Take action during demand response periods, post ISO notification, by reducing kW across HVAC, smart lighting, vertical lift, plug load, and other energy intensive systems

  • Manage your peak demand and meet your contributed demand response kW using automated control strategies

  • Setup custom performance KPIs and Benchmarks

  • Receive electrical anomaly alerts

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Water & Steam Health

  • Steam consumption and demand alerts

  • Water PH level alerts to insure tenant health

  • Predictive water anomaly and flood alerts based on above average water consumption

  • Chilled and condenser water flow and respective temperature alerts

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Tenant Comfort Alerts

  • Unusual occupancy alerts

  • Interior space and perimeter temperature anomaly alerts

  • CO2, humidity and air quality anomaly alerts

  • Hardware malfunction alerts to improve tenant safety

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Analytics & Reporting

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Custom KPI Creation

  • Separate from Nantum OS out of the box KPIs, create your own KPIs to see new building insights:

  • “Benchmark vs. Actual”

  • “Utility Demand: BtU / Hour”

  • “Kilowatts vs. Per Person"

  • “Occupancy vs. kWh Consumption or Steam Consumption”

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Dynamic Graph Creation

  • Overlay two previously siloed building data sets to discover new insights and correlations

  • Custom configure data ranges to analyze historical trends

  • Find new cost savings trends

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Automated Report Center

  • Nantum OS automatically creates reports vital to your team’s success

  • “Yearly Utility Usage Comparison report”

  • “Yearly Electric Consumption Comparison report”

  • “YTD Electric Consumption report”

  • “Yearly Peak Electric & Steam Demand report”

  • or create your own report using Nantum OS’s integrated data streams

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Data Export

  • Are you an excel pro?

  • Easily find and download historical data

  • Find new cost savings trends

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