Prescriptive Data is focused on providing cost savings and enhanced thermal comfort in built spaces through the intersection of Operational Technology (OT) with Information Technology (IT). With its flagship product NANTUM®, Prescriptive Data has responded to market demand for a next-generation building management platform that cultivates the full potential of the building operator by combining institutional knowledge with data-driven insights from IoT, big data, and the latest advances in machine learning and artificial intelligence. Prescriptive Data designs its solutions by collaborating with building operators and engineers, and maintains a living lab of over 10 million square feet of New York real estate in which it vets new concepts, technologies, sensors and applications.

NANTUM® is a true building operating system (OS), that integrates into any facility, BMS-equipped or otherwise, and uses machine learning to build a memory of building rhythm, so that it can positively influence, predict, and prescribe tomorrow’s performance. NANTUM’s® algorithms continuously improve over time, increasing building efficiency, energy reduction and cost savings, while enhancing tenant comfort and retention. NANTUM® provides a single-pane-of-glass for all mechanical, operational and utility performance. With NANTUM’s® familiar look and feel for all buildings, portfolio owners, building managers, and operators finally have a single platform on which to collectively view facility performance with at-a-glance optics into all critical systems.

Built by people who run buildings for people who run buildings, the NANTUM® micro-suite of products provide operational efficiencies in the form of real-time data visualization, utility forecasting, system recommendations, building automation, predictive and prescriptive analytics to the following clients:


Today’s buildings have siloed and disparate data sets that are inherently isolated from each other. Every day they collect enormous amounts of data, which is forgotten at the end of the day. Our solution is an end-to-end product that collectively harvests, remembers and learns from this data. In the cloud, the NANTUM® operating system processes, analyzes and expresses relevant data from any buildings system. These may include:

  • Building Management Systems (BMS)
  • Commonly used Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) models
  • Security Cameras and Access Controls
  • Fire Alarm and Communication Systems (FACS)
  • Occupancy Counters
  • Elevator Management Systems
  • Isolated & Building-Integrated HVAC Units
  • Building Mechanical Systems
  • Utility Meters – Water, Steam, Electrical, Gas, Oil
  • Batteries
  • IoT (Internet of Things) Sensors
  • Tenant Sub-Meters and Comfort Controls
  • Smart Lighting Systems
  • Billing and Financial Systems
  • Localized Weather
  • Space Utilization

How does NANTUM® work?
NANTUM® unlocks, correlates, trends and analyzes data from disparate building systems, including BMS, utility & power quality meters, and security systems and combines this with data from external sources, such as weather, occupancy, and wifi data, to prescribe operational adjustments in real-time that improve building performance. Unlike other building optimization platforms on the market, NANTUM® achieves its results by providing enhanced situational awareness to the operator, combined with building automation, using its proprietary analytics. Feature highlights:

Automated BMS Optimization via Occupancy:
NANTUM® gathers real-time occupancy through a variety of supported sources (turnstiles, foot traffic sensors, WiFi/Bluetooth, network analytics, security, apps, etc), and optimizes BMS sequencing to deliver thermal comfort based on the heat load created by the live building headcount. Whether building-wide, floor-by-floor, or at a zone-by-zone level, NANTUM® will use real-time occupancy data correlated with the building’s own thermal inertia to create automation within the BMS that will isolate HVAC delivery to only where and when it is needed.

Predictive Benchmarks:
NANTUM® prescribes a 24-hour “lookahead” demand and consumption benchmark for all utilities (water, gas, steam, and electricity), based on the best past operational performance under similar weather, calendar and mechanical conditions. NANTUM’s® demand benchmark provides the operator with a data-substantiated pathway for success and self-assessment throughout the day.

Calculated Startup:
NANTUM® publishes a calculated building startup, based on thermal inertia, forecasted weather, occupancy, and the length of time in which the building has reached lease temperature under similar conditions in the past. Operators can confidently start the building HVAC at the right moment to meet lease temperatures, while avoiding energy waste from overly conservative startups.

Continuous Trending & Visualizations:
NANTUM® provides consistent, easy-to-read, trending and visualizations across the entire portfolio, regardless of different building system manufacturer. Portfolio managers, building managers and operators have access to key performance indicators at-a-glance, empowering course-correction before minor issues become serious problems.

Operational Drift Alerting:
NANTUM® will text, email and alert operators and managers if it detects operational drift from “business as usual” on any of the metrics NANTUM® captures, averting energy waste and providing an early warning system for mechanical failures.