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Nantum OS is the world’s most advanced and secure building and portfolio Operating System for commercial and residential real estate.



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Nantum OS

The World’s most advanced Building Operating System. Nantum OS unlocks correlated trends and analyzes data from disparate building systems (including BMS, utility & power quality meters, and access control) and combines this with data from third-party sources (such as weather, occupancy, and IoT sensors) to prescribe operational adjustments in real-time that improve building performance and tenant comfort.


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Real-WOrld Testing Environment

The Rudin Sandbox

Prescriptive Data is the only smart building company with 15M Square Feet of commercial and residential real-world testing environment. Our parent company, Rudin Management, one of the largest privately owned real estate companies in New York City, allows Prescriptive Data to test new energy optimization, utilities management, and tenant comfort machine learning algorithms, along with 3rd party IoT devices and software applications.


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Apps + Integrations Library

Connect Everything

Future proof your assets. Nantum OS connects to your existing building technologies (BMS, HVAC, utility meters, fire alarm, elevator, access control) and all of your future building technologies (occupancy sensors, thermostats, air quality monitors, IoT sensors), bring all your building data into a single dashboard.



Building Operators

Nantum Core

Nantum OS is the smartest way for building operators and engineers to manage their buildings. Connect existing building systems and create an infrastructure for future building technology integrations. See all of your building data in one place. Get real-time alerts on the health of your building and tenants.




Nantum Portfolio

The Nantum OS Portfolio View allows you to see your entire portfolio performance from a single screen, in real-time, regardless of the make and manufacturers of your existing building systems. Stay up to date and view building occupancy, water, steam, electric use, building startup time, and tenant comfort and safety alerts.




Nantum Tenant Engagement

Create a customized tenant engagement app for access control, service requests, guest management, room bookings, building push notifications, amenities, events, and connect to any existing or future tenant facing applications. Connect and manage your tenant experience in Nantum OS with our tenant admin portal.